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Old School Bell

With the completion of the High School renovation in 1996, a bell tower was erected. The bell occupying this tower has been with Beaver school's for many years. The old school bell formerly sat in front of College Square Elementary School building at Fourth Street. and College Avenue. It came from the original public high school which was built in 1861. Although the bell tower was destroyed by fire, the bell was undamaged and remained in use until 1959, when it was removed to its present site.

From some of the logs removed from Fort McIntosh, a log cabin at the corner of College Avenue and Second Street was erected. Here, in 1799, was founded the first private school in Beaver. The Beaver Academy of around 1863, the Female Seminary founded in 1854, the Beaver College and Musical Institute chartered in 1853, and the Market Street School erected at Market and Second in 1861, were the very beginnings of the present Beaver public school system.

In 1954 the Beaver Area School District was formed when the school of West Bridgewater, Brighton Township, Vanport and Beaver were officially merged. Beaver Area Senior High School was completed in 1960.

The Old School Bell in its residence from 1959 - 1996.

Is now removed to Beaver Area High School. It was moved in 1996.
The bell at College Square is not the original.