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Watering Troughs and Drinking Fountains

Third Street at Market and also at the History Museum

The old drinking fountain in the park adjacent to Market Street, Third N.W. corner, with drinking cups for humans, dogs and horses, harks back to the horse and buggy era in Beaver. A similar fountain remains on out front of the Beaver History Museum.

These are maintained and refurbished annually by the volunteer effort of Mrs. Hugh Fischer.

Both were donated by Mrs. Ira Mansfield who lived, with her husband, in the large Victorian home on the site of the present Beaver Area Memorial Library on River Road, College Avenue.

The home, known in later years as the Wilson house, was built before the turn of the century by Mr. Mansfield. Its white marble parlor mantel, leaded stained glass windows and other features marked it as home of one of Beaver's leading citizens.

The Mansfield Woman's Bible class in Beaver First Presbyterian Church was named for Mrs. Mansfield, long active in the church.

Today the nostalgic appeal of these old watering troughs and fountains remind us of a time long past.