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Project Plan: Oral / Local History


Project Title: "Oral History of Beaver or Big Beaver Falls Area School District"


Objectives: Students will:

1. Learn hwo to interview/be interviewed and the procedures involved in conducting an interview

2. Learn how to collect and sort collected data from person interviewed

3. Learn information about their local area

4. Enhance their listening, interpretation, and typing skills

5. Learn how to use primary sources in researching

6. Utilize and refine their time management skills

7. Develop interpersonal skills (reduce self-focus)


Opening Activity:


Unit Intro:

Classwork/Homework: See individual lesson plans


Time: Nine forty minute periods (one each week) and an entire marking period

Materials Needed:

Mail current progress repoert and letters home about the upcoming project

Cassette player

Call to Local History Museum to explain about students usint their resources

Cassette #10 (1950s collection)

Overhead projector

Overhead #1 (The World)

Overhead Map of Beaver County, Beaver or Beaver Falls

Lesson Materials for Bonus Activity #4

Unit Plan for ORal History of Beaver or Beaver Falls

Copies of Oral History HAndouts included with this unit outline for all students


Week One--Introduction to Oral History, Grouping students in pairs and questions

Week Two--Topic to be researched, Pre-intervies activity and review, and discussion of process

Week Three--Name of person to be interviewed and Exposition of the types of interviews possible

Week Four--Date or interview and questions to be used for a semi-structured interview

Week Six--Notes from interview typed and a Discussion of outcomes and experiences

Week Seven--Word-Processed summary, biography or transcript of interview with notes and questions

Week Eight--Interviews put up on web pages and students complete "Reflection" sheets

Week Nine--Presentations of "Oral History Reports"