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Volume 30



Number 4: Fall 2005-Nichol's Civil War Letters, "65 Cents Buys $1 Worth" In Rochester Stores, Rochester General Hospital, Greenwood Institute of New Brighton, Mid-East Outboard Association Races Photos, McCartney--Memories of Beaver Falls

Number 3: Summer 2005 -New Brighton and the Titanic, Edith Junkins and the Titanic, Of Steel, Speed and Stephen Hill Disaster, Jim Deaver Remembers Freedom, The North Shore Railroad Controversy, Will Move Colonia Passenger Depot

Number 2: Spring 2005 -(Abolitionists and the Underground Railroad--Introduction to the Spring 2005 Issue of Milestones), Slavery and the Abolitionist Movement, Slavery and Anti-slavery in Beaver County, Nicholson, Jordan, and New Galilee, The Southside Connection to the Underground, The Role of Bridgewater in the Underground, New Brighton As Central Hub for the Movement, Milo Townsend: Ardent Abolitionist, Garrison and Douglas at New Brighton, Darlington Area Vital to Underground, The Role of Arthur Bradford in the Cause, Bradford Protects Neighbor, Darlington Houses Believed Used As Stations, Routes Through Blackhawk, Cannelton, Achor, Samuel Clow's Station: North Sewickley Twp., Beaver County Churches Involved, Former Slaves in Beaver County, Bradford's Theory, The Greersburg Resolution of 1836, Chippewa Society and Colonization Society, Underground Railroad Terms, The New Brighton Resolution of 1850

Number 1: Winter 2005 -Masonic History of Beaver County, Freedom, Pennsylvania 1920-1940, Coxey's Army Marches Through Beaver County, A Fair Gypsy Arrested