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Volume 21


Number 4: Winter 1996 -Awe Inspiring Scenes of Devestating Flood of 1884, Beaver Valley Traction Company, Early History of Iron in Beaver County, The Captivity of Massy Harbison In Her Own Words, Rochester News: From Daily News 1883, The Case of the Vanshing Community, Boating on the Beaver River: Photo.

Number 3: Fall 1996 -Savages and Settlers, BEAVER'S BIGGEST FIRE, QUEEN ALIQUIPPA; A History, Remembering Crow's Run, Beside the Beaver Vale--Geneva College, Lyceum Theater, McKee and Gibson: Earliest Settlers, More and More News From The Rochester Star, P&LE Bridge Over the Ohio River: Photo

Number 2: Summer 1996 -African-American History Of Beaver County, Early Post Offices in Beaver County, History of the Telephone in Beaver County, Kipling's Impression Of The Beaver Valley, Legionville: Then and Now, Even More News From The Rochester Star, Oliver B. Shallenberger--Electrical Genius, The Standard Horse Nail Works Increasing the Capacity of Its Plant, One-Room Schools in Brighton Township: Pictorial, African-American History Project of Beaver County, Long Hair Was Quite the Fashion: Photo.

Number 1: Spring 1996 -Crogan Trades For 200,000 Acres Of Land, Look at the Shape We Are In: Our Geography, Rochester Tumbler Works Destroyed, The Story of Koppel