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Volume 19


Number 4: Winter 1994 -$105.83 For Beaver County, The Girl Scouts Of Baden, The Bridge That Never Was, Buttermilk Pike, An Interview With Mrs. Eugene (Marie) Wise, Haunts, Noss: New Brighton's Prominent Personality, North Sewickley's Orphan School, P.&L.E. Accident

Number 3: Fall 1994 -Autos Were Scarce, Child's Pipe Shop, Ghosts Again!, Joseph M. Jonas 1928 - 1994, The Panoramic Maps of Beaver County, Story of a River: Chart of Beaver River, Monaca Landmark: Phillipsburgh School

Number 2: Summer 1994 -Ghosts, A Brief Account of Massy Harbison's Encounter with the Indians, The Merrick Art Gallery-A Brief History, A Narrative of Oil Welling , Down Along the Raccoon: White's Mill, Captain Perry Brown Dead.

Number 1: Spring 1994 -Wetlands in Beaver County, How Brighton's Got Their Names.