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Volume 18



Number 4: Winter 1993 -Romancing the Boundary Stone, Meet The Beavers, Old Ledger Details Frontier Shopping, Legal Matters, Monaca: The Daily Star April 29, 1896, Covered Bridge Between Beaver Falls and New Brighton: Photo .

Number 3: Fall 1993 - .Old Cemetaries, Indians at Industry, Pa, The Rescue of Jenny Stoopes, St. Patrick's Day Incident at Legionville, County "Ghost Community" Slowly Resurrects (CCC), Olive Stove Works Ad

Number 2: Summer 1993 - .Called Homewood or Racine, It's the Home of Buttermilk Falls, A Short History of Freedom--1896, Youngstown and Southern RR Coal Loader at Smith's Ferry: Photo, White's Mill Marker Dedication, Train Makes Debut in Negley, Ohio.

Number 1: Spring 1993 - Herbal Gardens: Beautiful and Beneficial, The Herb Garden at Old Economy Village, Smith's Ferry Baseball Team.