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Volume 13



Number 4: Winter 1988 -A Christmas Story; Junction Park and Morado; Christ Lutheran Church; Camp Runyan-Camp Eddie Thompson-
Pine Valley Youth Camp
; The Manufacture of Brick; Parks Mansion
Beaver County's Electrical Genius
; The Beaver Who Ate Steel .

Number 3: Fall 1988 - Country Club Founded by Wm. McCool; Bar Agreement; Beaver County in Civil War; Beaver Valley Yacht Club Inc.1949-1988; Raymond O. Robertson; Rochester History; Students Names Taken From Minute Book Of Greesburgh Academy; A Creative Task to Perform and to Create Something New There Must be Planning'; Three Men In Flames (GAS EXPLOSION AND FIRE AT FREEDOM.)

Number 2: Summer1988 -Beaver County Soldiers and Sailors Monuments; Trolly Ordinance, Boro of Glasgow; Ing-Rich Was Largest of its Kind In Beaver County; A Story of Two Violins; Area Poet Finds Success at End of Troubled Path, Renewed Tribute: A Poem.

Number 1: Spring 1988 - Boy Scouting--A Long History in Midland; Growing Up in North Sewickley Township; Ground Breaking For The Canal July 26, 1831; Ambridge Italian Women's Club; Beaver Political Pot--Confident Dem. Staking Their Money on Sammy - Religion and Politics.; The Zundel Family of Old Economy; The Klan Was Here They
Claim, A Vision of Old Fort Mac: A Poem.