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Volume 9



Number 4: Autumn 1984 -Kidnapped Into Slavery, Old Cider Mill, Krut Farm, Daugherty Township, Ohioville, Tragedy of Love Led to Ohioville's Founding, Ohioville's Connection to the American Revolution, Genealogical Research in Beaver County Libraries, Our Town (A Poem), The American Parent, Beaver County Folklore.

Number 3: Summer 1984 - History of the Borough of Bridgewater, S.S. Peter and Paul Ukarainian Catholic Church of Byzantine Rite, Ambridge, North Sewickley Church Academy, From the Navigator, 1814 of the Ohio River, Come to the Hills of Green(A Poem), A History of the Freedom Oil Works Through the Year 1929, Oak Grove Presbyterian Church, Club Casino(Morado), Beaver County Folklore

Number 2: Spring 1984 -Farming Life on the Southside" 1900-1920, History of A.M. Byers Company, The School in the Hollow(A Poem), Genealogical Research In Beaver County Research in the Resource and Research Center, Brodhead's Road, Beaver County Folklore

Number 1: Winter 1984 - The Crow's Run Valley, Beaver County's First Photography, Daniel Leary's Art School, An Excursion on the Crosscut Canal-1839, "Do You Remember",The Beaver Falls Emergency Relief Organization, From The Files Of "THE NEWS TRIBUNE", Genealogical Research in Beaver County, Beaver County Folklore