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Volume 7



Number 4: Autumn 1982 - Ghastly Graveyard Gambols of Ghosts Gone Glimmering With Modern Times, Chief Logan, Beaver Trivia Quiz, History of New Brighton High School Band, Beaver County T.B. Sanitarium, Beaver County Folklore

Number 3: Summer 1982 - Beaver County's First Budget,
Lemmon's Market, Beaver Town: A Early Account, Beaver Town Plan, The Beaver Vale (River), Beaver Falls Trivia, Beaver County Folklore.

Number 2: Spring 1982 - The Mount Pleasant Hillside Farm, Early High Schools in Beaver County, Stephen Collins Foster, Ohio Packet Boats--And List of Steamboat Families in Georgetown, The Resource and Research Center for Beaver County and Local History, Steamboat Building in Beaver County.

Number 1: Winter 1982 -ST. LUKE'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH GEORGETOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, Greersburg Academy, They Came to the Wilderness, Legionville--Transcript from the Pittsburgh Gazette, 1793, New Brighton Trivia, Danger from Wolves, Zeisberger Tells of A Village of Women , The Blockhouse At New Brighton