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Some of the machines in the museum. The Corliss Steam engine can be seen in the background.


A Downie Water Pump, made in Baver Falls, PA, is in the background. It is driven by a Foos gasoline engine made in Springfield Ohio. The pump was used by the Pittsburgh Cut Flower Company of Pittsburgh to supply all their water needs for 75 years.

Artie Stears helps unload the Champion Engine.

John Riddings (on left) and Jim Shanor unload some small steam driven machines owned by Bob Balderson.

Jeremy Mauk starts an Otto gasoline engine. Nicholas Otto built the first successful internal combustion engine.

Carl Brognano (on Left) is owner of C and L Framing which built the McCarl Museum. Alan Ferguson, president of the Little Beaver Historical Society is on right.

Ben Hostettler (on left) and Alan Ferguson place a heavy step stone at the McCarl Museum.

Wayne Cole (on left) and Charles Townsend sit in front of barrel stove in the half finished Museum. This stove heated the McCarl Museum for two years until a standard furnace was installed.