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Milestones Vol 3. No. 3--Summer 1977

Have you finally decided to begin a search to uncover your ancestral "roots"? If so, it would be well to prepare a simple pedigree chart or what amounts to an outline of what you already know about your lineage. This will help you to find what information is missing from your chart.

You should place your own name on the single line of the left-hand side of the Pedigree Chart. On the upper line of the next two horizontal lines, write your father's full name (never use initials) and immediately below fill in the information called for so far as you know it.

On the lower of the two horizontal lines place your mother's full name (including her maiden name) and complete the required data.

Next you will see that there are four horizontal lines. On these place information concerning your grandparents (use maiden names of the wives).

In the fourth column place the names of your eight grandparents.

There undoubtedly will be spaces for which you do not have information. Searching for 'the information will bring many happy moments. it will provide an excellent excuse to travel here and there in search of facts about your family. You may meet "cousins" whom you didn't know existed.

All you need to get started is a notebook and pencil, A trip to the Beaver County Historical Research Office,Beaver Falls, PA , may be helpful. The genealogist will help you to get started by providing Pedigree Charts and explaining what to do with them.

The Pedigree Chart is only the bones of the . story of your family. You must supply the rest. A story can be written about every person appearing on your Chart. In telling the story of your family and how it was affected by the events of the day you are really writing a part of the history of our community and of our country.