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Pothole Problems - 1903
Milestones Vol 15 No 1 Spring 1990

A young man named Barris, who was driving a wagon for the New Brighton Candy Kitchen, met with an accident while delivering some goods on Mt. Washington. Barris was driving on Thirteenth Avenue, near Twenty-second Street, when a wheel of the wagon dropped into a deep gully washed in the road by continuous rains. The wagon was overturned and Mr. Barris was thrown out of the vehicle. He alighted upon his back and shoulders with such force that he was rendered unconscious and was carried into the home of John Chisholm. Restoratives were applied, and after a time the victim of the accident recovered consciousness. The streets in that part of town are in very poor condition for traffic, and at places are very dangerous. The residents of that part of town have made numerous complaints to the members of Council, but few repairs are made. It is said that accidents of this nature are of frequent occurrence.