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Note to Reader: Most of the Canal Articles can be found in the seperate category of the Topical Index called "Canals, Locks, and Dams."

Fallston Ferry Poem-Milestones Vol 1, No 1

The Navigator (Ohio River in 1814)-Milestones Vol 2 No1

History of the Water Supply of the Borough of Beaver

The Beaver Vale (River)--Milestones Vol. 7 No. 3

From the Navigator, 1814 of the Ohio River--Milestones Vol 9 No 3

The Nasty Beaver River--Milestones Vol 14 No 2

Story of a River: Chart of Beaver River--Milestones Vol 19 No 3

Van Buren vs the Rails--Milestones Vol 20 No 1

The Falls of the Beaver River--Milestones Vol 20 No 2

Beaver County's Rivers And Streams--Milestones Vol 23 No 1

The Falls of the Beaver2--Milestones Vol 25. No. 2

The Navigator--Milestones Vol 25. No. 2

A Moment In History--Lewis and the Ohio River--Milestones Vol 25. No. 4

Going Up the River to Opportunity--Milestones Vol 25. No. 4

Brady's Run Ferry--Milestones Vol 15 No. 1

Montgomery Lock and Dam: Pictures--Milestones Vol 16 No. 1

Map of the Ohio River in Beaver County--Milestones Vol 20 No. 3

Lock and Dams--Number 6 and 7: Pictorial--Milestones Vol 25 No. 1