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In Memory of James Patterson
Courtesy of Little Beaver Historical Society

These Notations are made at the
request of the descendants of
who died at Beaver Falls,
Pennsylvania, September, 1876.
June 1st 1930

(Webmaster's Note: this is a small memorial book)

James Patterson was born March 4th, 1799, in Killinchy Parish, County Down, Ireland.

His father's name was Gawin. He was born in the town of Larn, County Antrim, Ireland. Gawin had one brother, Samuel, and one sister, Sarah or Sallie. Gawin Patterson married Jane or Jean McCann. She was born in Killinchy Parish, County Down, Ireland, of Scotch Parentage.

Gawin Patterson with his wife and six weeks old James Patterson sailed for America in 1799. They settled in Albany, New York. They had a daughter, born in Albany, named Sarah or Sallie.

After living in Old Brighton for a number of years, Sarah Patterson married William Henry Harrison. He afterwards went to Colorado and died there.

Gawin Patterson and wife, Jean McCann Patterson, both died and were buried in Albany, New York.

James Patterson and sister Sallie moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and lived on Walnut Street for a number of years.

James Patterson married Elizabeth or Eliza Large May 1st, 1828.

Elizabeth or Eliza Large was the daughter of Daniel O'Conner Large and Mary Moorehouse Large.

Their first child, a daughter, named Jean, born in Philadelphia, died a short time after they reached Old Brighton.

They came from Philadelphia in wagons, bringing clothing, furniture and sea-chests, and settled in, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania in 1829. Beaver Falls was then called "Old Brighton."

James Patterson had to pay much more for the property than he at first agreed to pay, on account of squatters' claims. The tract of land extended from where the Beaver River and the hill almost meet at the southern part, to Seventeenth Street, and six hundred acres on the hill, now named Patterson Township, which includes the Borough of,Patterson Heights.

Their second child, my mother, was named Mary, born November 5th, 1830. The night of November 5th, 1830, our grandfather, James Patterson, set fire to the leaves and brush on the mound which he owned and called it "Mary's Mound" in honor of the birth of his daughter just born. This mound is near the Providence Hospital, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Later, five sons and two daughters were born: Daniel O'ConnerP atterson, Charles Whippo Patterson; James, who died in infancy; Henry Clay Patter-son, Samuel Roberts Patterson; Sallie, H. Patterson, and Elizabeth, who died in infancy.

The three children, who died in infancy, were buried where the Episcopal Church in Beaver Falls now stands.

James Patterson gave the land on which the St. Mary's Episcopal Church now stands, with the, request that the church be called "St. Mary's."

James Patterson gave the land on which the old Presbyterian Church stands with the request that when it should cease to be used for the Presbyterian Church, it should return to his heirs.

Samuel Patterson, brother of Gawin Patterson, left Ireland before his brother. He sent word back to Ireland that the ship was wrecked, but he with others reached the coast of North Carolina. We heard afterwards, he went to Missouri.

Grandfather said the Pattersons were a sea-faring family. Several generations before Gawin Patterson, there was a large family of sons. They all went to sea with the exception of one, in the same vessel, and were all lost at sea.

These are notations of what I remember my grandfather telling of his family.


I am the oldest daughter of Captain Dan Hull Stone and Mary Patterson Stone.