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Beegle Estate Photos

Milestones Vol 25 No. 4

These pictures showcase one of the beautiful mansions of Beaver County - - the Beegle Estate in Patterson Township. The estate, which covered several acres of ground with elaborate gardens and landscaping, was built by Fred Beegle. Beegle started out his career in the county in 1880 as a tester of files for the Western Union File Works in Beaver Falls. By 1900, Mr. Beegle was a principle stockholder in Union Drawn Steel as well as secretary and treasurer of that company. Under his supervision, the plant capacity was quickly increased from 2,000 to 30,000 tons annually.

The estate was sold sometime in the 1950s. On June 15, 1965, the Croatian Franciscan Fathers of the Custody of the Holy Family purchased the estate property. They added a new chapel, kitchen, and dining room. These facilities were used by priests and laity who came to the monastery for retreats and gatherings. The Franciscans sold the property in the 1990s. It is now a personal care home.