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7th Avenue Hotel of Beaver Falls
Courtesy of Little Beaver Historical Society


The 7th, Avenue Hotel opened in 1890 across the grand Lyceum Theater, later known as the Rialto. Two of the Lyceum's beautiful glass-stained windows- now sit in the basement of the Carnegie Free Library in the city's history museum.

During the golden years of vaudeville, the hotel became a haven for the theater crowd and the place to be seen. World War I and II veterans' photos decorated the walls as the men brought their wives to see the traveling shows.

As the Great Depression of 1929 tore apart lives; it also took its toil on the great hotel The shows slowly gave way to movies and television. The hotel gradually lost business and eventually became a rooming house.

Bit by bit, it became a seedy rooming house. Finally, it closed in 1985.

The former owner sold off what remained valuable: the elegant brass beds, furniture, fixtures and the stained glass windows, valued at $4,000 each, that graced the tops of the outside windows and the tops of the doors to each of the 36 guest rooms.