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Arbuckle-Dunlap House

Milestones Vol. 6, No.1--Winter 1980

The present owners of Bridgewater's ArbuckleDunlap House, John and Catherine Provich, have advised us that their home has been included in The Pennsylvania Inventory of Historic Places, and will hereafter be known as the William B. Dunlap Mansion. This distinctive Market Street landmark was initially built and owned by the Arbuckle family, but was purchased by Samuel Rutherford Dunlap after he moved to Bridgewater from Darlington in 1850. Dunlap was involved in several businesses, including the Dunlap Hotel (corner of Bridge Street and Riverside Drive, now gone) and a brewery (popularly known as "The Old Malt House" located on the grounds of the Bridgewater school.) Until a few a years ago, the house served as the home of the Cupps-Masters Post of the American Legion.