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submitted by Mark Welchley

Milestones Vol. 7 No. 2--Spring 1982


The following ad, which first appeared in the Pittsburgh Gazette on October 19, 1793, describes the first regularly scheduled boat service on the Ohio River between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.


Two boats for the present will let out from Pittsburgh for Cincinnati, and return to Pittsburgh in the following manner, viz.

First boat will leave Pittsburgh on Monday next, the 21st instant, at eight o'clock in the morning, and return to Pittsburgh so as to be ready to sail again in four weeks from the above date.

Second Boat will leave Pittsburgh on Monday the 5th of November next, and return to Pittsburgh in four weeks as above.

And so on regularly,, each Boat performing the voyage to and from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati once in every four weeks.

Two Boats, in addition to the above will shortly be completed and regulated in such manner, that one Boat of the four will set out weekly from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, and return in the like manner.

The Proprietor of these Boats having maturely considered the many inconveniences and dangers incident to the common method hitherto adopted of navigating the Ohio, and being influenced by a love of philanthropy and desire of being serviceable to the public, has taken great pains to render the accommodations on board the Boats as agreeable and convenient as they could possibly be made.

No danger need be apprehended from the enemy, as every person on board will be under cover, made proof against rifle or musket balls, and convenient port holes for firing out of. -- Each of the Boats are armed with six pieces carrying a pound ball; also a number of good muskets, and amply supplied with necessary ammunition, strongly manned with choice hands, and the masters of approved knowledge.

A separate cabin from that designated for the men, is partitioned off in each Boat for accommodating Ladies on their passage. Conveniences are constructed on board each boat, so as to render landing unnecessary, as it might, at times, be attended with danger.

Rules and Regulations for maintaining order on board, and for the good management of the Boats, and Tables accurately calculated of the rates of Freightage for passengers, and carriage of Letters to and from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, also aTable of the exact time of the arrival and departure to and from the different places on the Ohio, between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, may be seen on board each Boat. Passengers will be supplied with provision and liquors of all kinds, of the first quality, at the most reasonable rates possible. Persons desirous of working their passage will be admitted on finding themselves, subject, however, to the same order and directions from the master of the Boats, as the rest of the working hands of the Boat's crew.

An Office of Insurance will be kept at Pittsburgh. Limestone, and Cincinnati, where persons desirous of having their property insured may apply. The rates of insurance will be moderate.

For Freight or passage apply at the Insurance Office, or to the Master on Board.

Jacob Myers



Compiled By T.S. Laughlin


Masters and Pilots

 Zebulin Kinsey Richard Calhoon
 R.D. Dawson Jacob Poe
Joseph Calhoon Andrew Poe
J.T. Sockdale Thomas Poe
John S. McMillen Adam Poe
Thomas Kinsey George D. Laughlin
Washington Ebert B.M. Laughlin
George W. Poe, Sr. Jesse Kinsey, Sr.
Jonathan Wood William Calhoon
Thomas Potts, Sr. George W. Dawson, Sr.
R.D. Laughlin Henry Kinsey, Sr.
Thomas S. Calhoon George W. Poe, Jr.


 Newton McCurdy George W. Ewing
Jacob Ewing Samuel Lyons, Sr.
John E. Smith Steel McMillen
James M. Kinsey B.D. Kinsey
Quigley Kinsey George D. Lyons
Samuel Lyons, Sr.  


 Benoni Dawson Andrew Poe
Montgomery Thompson Ben Conkle
Charles Heckathorn Sam Conkle
John D. Mackall Thomas Laughlin
James Mackall Harrison Dawson
G.W. Mackall Fred M. Dawson

Ship Carpenters

 Ayers Sutherland Cluet Lake
George Nash W.G. McHaffie


 Hamilton Kinsey J.H. Porter
John Conkle C.B. Laughlin
Hiram McHaffie George W. Calhoon
R.D. Laughlin T.S. Laughlin, Sr.
James C. McHaffie G.W. Dawson, Jr.
Jesse Parr T.G. Laughlin
Thomas K. Calhoon Thomas Conkle
James Conkle  

Old Time Packets

Manned by Georgetown Residents

 Delaware Glencoe
Wilmoth Clara Poe
Rhode Island Nick Wall
Yorktown  Mollie Ebert
Caledonia Amelia Poe
Washington City S.C. Bricker
Harigon Kenton
Golden Gate Virginia
Keystone State Katie Stockdale
America Bellmont
Argyle Carrie Brocks
Lizzie Martin Armadello