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Courtesy of Beaver County Bicentennial Atlas


Patterson Heights, one of the smaller boroughs in Beaver County, was incorporated on June 19, 1899. The .30 square mile area was incorporated at the request of 27 citizens of that section of Patterson Township.

Rosser Prosser established the first store in Patterson Heights, and the first school (two-room) was established in 1900. This community never had a church, but it did have an "incline," the Patterson Heights Street Railway Company. This electric railway was incorporated in 1895 with a capital outlay of $6,000 and connected Patterson Heights with Beaver Falls, its terminus being the lower station on Bridge Street.

One of the first roads surveyed and located around the hill over the bridge connecting Beaver Fallsand New Brighton was Country Club Hill. Climbing to a summit at a grade of nine feet to the hundred, it started at Bridge Street in Beaver Falls and ended at the Beaver Valley Country Club. Narrow and twisting, the road provided a breath-taking view of the Beaver River and valley towns.

All of these are gone now. There are no commercial establishments in Patterson Heights, the incline is gone, the hill has been closed because of slides, and even the school is closed and is being used as the borough building. Though exclusively a residential district, the one Heights "institution" to survive is the Beaver Valley Country Club. Though most of its land lies in Patterson Township, the Club's main building is located in the Heights. The golf course extends from Fern Avenue along Darlington Road to the Borough of Fallston and back to the cliff edge of the Alum Rocks where Indians made signal fires and left artifacts to be discovered by future generations of young explorers.