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Indians at Industry, Pa
Milestones Vol 18 No 3 Fall 1993

July 21st, 1780, Col. Brodhead wrote Timothy Pickering an account of a battle between the militia and a body of Indians who had crossed the Ohio River near the present town of Industry, Beaver County, as follows:

"A few days ago, I received intelligence of a party of thirty odd Wyandot Indians having crossed the Ohio five miles below Fort McIntosh (Beaver), and that they had hid their canoes upon the shore. I immediately ordered out two parties of the nearest militia to go in search of them, and cover the harvesters. At the same time, Capt. McIntyre was detailed with a party to form an ambuscade opposite the enemies' craft. Five men who were reaping in a field discovered the Indians, and presuming their number was small, went out to attack them; but four of them were immediately killed, and the other taken prisoner before the rnilitia were collected. But they were attacked by Capt. McIntyre's party on the river, and many of them were killed and wounded, two canoes were sunk, and the prisoner retaken; but the waterwas so deep our men could not find the bodies of savages, therefore the number killed cannot be ascertained. The Indians left in their craft two guns, six blankets, eleven paint-bags, eight earwheels, a large brass kettle and many other articles. The Indians informed the prisoner that fifteen Wyandots were detached at Hannastown; upon receiving this information, another party was immediately detached up the Allegheny River with two Delaware Indians to take the tracks and make pursuit, but as the party has not yet returned, I cannot inform you of its success."

Sipe_ C. Hale. The Indian Wars of Pennsylvania Harrisburg, Pa. The Telegraph Press, 1931