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Beaver County, Pennsylvania


Published by the Beaver Heritage Foundation

Written by Harry Phillips

Web Production by Keith Shovlin



Historical Sites in Bridgewater, Pennsylvania

Site No. 1 - Indian Trails Crossing the Beaver River

Site No. 2 - Beaver or Stone's Point

Site No. 3 - Piersol's Academy

Site No. 4 - Oldest Surviving House in Bridgewater

Site No. 5 - Robert Darragh's Inn

Site No. 6 - Old Sharon Boat Yard

Site No. 7 - Oldest Methodist Church in Beaver County

Site No. 8 - Samuel R. Dunlap Home

Site No. 9 - Johnston Small Home

Site No. 10 - Samuel Davidson Home

Site No. 11 - Site of the "Old Red Front" Hotel

Site No. 12 - Site of Dickey's Canal Boat Warehouse

Site No. 13 - Canal Boat Landing

Site No. 14 - Bridgewater Presbyterian Church